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AntiHook V2.5

This update only concerns changed results: others ones remain the same.

***Registry test:

-with Regtest 1: AntiHook is the winner.

-with Scoundrel Simulator: AntiHook detects the startup entry in the registry but failed against this test (1/5 only).

***Memory manipulation test:

-with UH: AntiHook is the winner: can prevent its own process from memory writing.

NB. AH can detect the same attack against another process but can't prevent it.

AntiHook is the winner against Memory manipulation test.

***Service/driver manipulation:

-service installation: AntiHook is the winner.

-unloading a driver: AntiHook is the winner.

AntiHook is the winner against driver/service manipulation.


After the test of AntiHook V2, Ivo Ivanov has send me an email where it was said that AntiHook will be improved in 2 months.

Taking into consideration users/consumers opinions is always appreciated.

In this case, so interesting improvements in a short period is really a great work:

-the self protection is more effective (memory writing protection),

-the registry feature is new and if AntiHook is not a specialized registry product, the monitored keys (run for instance) are quite enough to detect unauthorized malwares,

-the ability to detect kernel device-driver is really interesting against some advanced malwares (rootkits),

-alerts are more much more precise regarding the kind of attack,

-alerts graphic interface is also much more nice (colors),

-minor driver incompatibilities with others products (ProcessgGuard, System Safety Monitor etc) has been fixed: AnitiHook is currently highly compatible with any other security soft,

-antihooking features remain always very effective (integrated in a kernel low level with hooked modules): AntiHook is an interesting product for computers which can be used by trused and untrusted people (family PC, internet cafes etc).

Free softs which provide a high security level are rare, and AntiHook (with PrevX home/System Safety Monitor/AbtrusionProtector) is one of the most efficient.

RATING: 8/10

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