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***The pros:

-Abtrusion Protector works as a sandbox and can prevent unknown or unwanted files from running on the system with its integrity features (can certify files with strong hashes algorithms): that which is not recognized and certifified is not allowed to be executed,

-works as a service,

-protection during the boot,

-basic protection of the registry,

-Integrated in Windows/System32 and not in Program files folder,

-Permissions configuration feature for all files integrated in the database (we can allow or deny any .dll, .exe or .sys),

-no rasping and "stressed" alerts,

-Help file in the package and online,

-more prevention than detection protection.

***The cons:

-Consume too much resource,

-Listening on 2 ports (1031 and 5485),

-Does not protect against advanced threats or attacks (CoolWebSearch Trojans, worms, rootkits...),

-only available in english language,

-Has not been updated since a long time...


Abtrusion Protector was considered as an innovative product in the past.

But it seems quite obsolete in comparison with some new advanced softwares, especially to prevent the new generation of malwares.

In all case, Abtrusion Protector could be an interesting solution for the user who wants to keep his system as stabilized as possible (like people who don't use to install and uninstall many softwares frequently).


Abtrusion Protector est un logiciel suédois disponible gratuitement depuis 2002.

Son pricipal atout réside dans la protection de l'intégrité du systeme via une certification par des algorthmes de hashage.

En effet, lors de son installation, Abtrusion Protector enregistre tous les fichiers importants du système (.exe, .sys, .dll) et les intègrent dans sa base de donnée.

Ainsi, tout nouveau fichier ne peut se greffer au système que si l'utilisateur l'y autorise au préalable via les modules de maintenance d'Abtrusion Protector (software package, install, trusted file).

Abtrusion Protector est un logiciel intéressant pour celui qui souhaite conserver une configuration stable de son PC.

Si sa protection est efficace contre les menaces de base, elle apparaît dépassée face aux parasites évolués que sont les trojans de CoolWebSearch, les vers et autres rootkits.

RATING: 6.5/10

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