Volunteers for HIPS tests

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I'm looking for volunteers for testing HIPS white list such as DefenseWall, GesWall, AntiExecutable and PrevX (as Zorro PC Protector is in french language only, then i've choosed it for the test).  

The volunteers (2 per product is enough) must:

-have an experience of this kind of prgramms,

-be able to manipulate malwares,

-be rigorous (verifications, apply the protocol etc),

-be independent and objective: that means they're not affiliated members of publishers as beta -testers.

Each volunteer can publish the test on which page he wants (personal page, forum etc).

Rating each product is not welcome, because all products operate via different ways.

The methodology will be available soon, and also the test files (archive).

For any information, just use the contact form on this page.

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